Journal of Oral Disease Marker


Akram Gad, Abanoub Riad, Jay Patel

Latex allergy – A neglected hazard of COVID-19 response

[Year:2020] [Month:January-December] [Volume:4 ] [Number:1] [Pages No:1-2]


Latex allergy (LA) is a common occupational issue among health care workers, with a sensitization rate of 5-17% among the exposed. Although the incidence of LA has decreased dramatically in the United States and Europe over the past few years, 150,000-1 million health care workers and more than 15 million people worldwide still suffer from LA.[1]

How to cite this article: Gad A, Riad A, Patel J. Latex allergy – A neglected hazard of COVID-19 response. J Oral Dis Markers 2020;4:1-2.

Received: 26 August 2020;

Accepted: 29 August 2020


Pooja Rathod, Manjushri Waingade, Madhura Mahajan, Daya K. Jangam

Candida in malignant transformation of oral leukoplakia: A review

[Year:2020] [Month:January-December] [Volume:4 ] [Number:1] [Pages No:3-6]


Among the fungi, Candida albicans is the most common microorganism to pose a possible risk factor for the malignant transformation (MT) in oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMDs). The presence of candidal infection may increase the risk of a OPMDs malignant potential. Histologically diagnosed fungal infection of the oral mucosa has been shown to exhibit epithelial dysplasia and vice versa. The rate of MT in leukoplakia with candidal infection is higher than that in uninfected leukoplakia. If left untreated, candida leukoplakia has a higher rate of neoplastic changes as compared to non-candida leukoplakia. Strong evidence of the fungal involvement in MT of oral leukoplakia is displayed by this higher rate of conversion. The current article reviews the potential role of candida infection in the MT of oral leukoplakia.

Keywords: Candida, Leukoplakia, Malignant transformation

How to cite this article: Rathod P, Waingade M, Mahajan M, Jangam DK. Candida in malignant transformation of oral leukoplakia: A review. J Oral Dis Markers 2020;4(1):3-6.

Received: 12 August 2020;

Accepted: 02 September 2020