Journal of Oral Disease Marker


Lakshmi Shetty, Nilesh Khandelwal, Trivina Domah, Deepika Seshagiri, Priti Talele, Uday Londhe

Submandibular sialolith – a case report

[Year:2019] [Month:January-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:1] [Pages No:1–3]

Sialolith is relatively common (80%) in the submandibular salivary gland due to the viscous nature of its mucinous secretions, high calcium content, and its tortuous ducts. In the present case, the patient presented with a history of swelling below the tongue for the past 12 years. The diagnosis of submandibular sialolith was made through clinical examination and intraoral occlusal radiograph. The present manuscript briefs on the treatment protocol employed in the present case and summarize the various therapeutic modalities available for sialolith.

Keywords: Calculi, submandibular gland, sialolith

How to cite this article: Shetty L, Khandelwal N, Domah T, Seshagiri D, Talele P, Londhe U. Submandibular sialolith – A case report. J Oral Dis Markers 2019;3:1-3.

Received: 04 February 2019;

Accepted: 18 March 2019


Iris Lin, Denise M. Laronde, Lewei Zhang, Miriam P. Rosin, Erin A. Marshall, Leigha D. Rock

Lichenoid dysplasia – A historical overview and current debates

[Year:2019] [Month:January-December] [Volume:3 ] [Number:1] [Pages No:4–8]

Oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid mucositis are the two most common lichenoid lesions of the oral cavity. Oral lichen planus is classified as a potentially malignant condition by the World Health Organization, and lichenoid mucositis has also been shown to have malignant potential. However, some argue that lichen planus or lichenoid mucositis is only premalignant when dysplasia has developed in these lesions and that many cases of lichen planus or lichenoid mucositis with cancer development were in fact either a lichenoid lesion with dysplasia or a primary dysplasia misdiagnosed as oral lichen planus or lichenoid mucositis due to the coexistence of lichenoid features. Here, we summarize what is known about the risk of malignant transformation of these lesions and discuss the ongoing controversies surrounding the diagnostic criteria.

Keywords: Inflammation, lichenoid dysplasia, lichenoid mucositis, neoplastic processes, oral epithelial dysplasia, oral lichen planus, precancerous conditions

How to cite this article: Lin I, Laronde DM, Zhang L, Rosin MP, Marshall EA, Rock LD. Lichenoid dysplasia – a historical overview and current debates. J Oral Dis Markers 2019;3:4-8.

Received: 28 March 2019;

Accepted: 14 April 2019